Friday, May 7, 2010

Awesome organizing principles learning opp!

So there is this thing called "Dining Organizers."   It's a new twist on book clubs, learning from peers, etc.

As described in a ProgressDC email,

The plan is to get a few organizers, say six to eight, and have them meet up about once a month at someone's home to discuss organizing principles based on a reading or video.   The hope is that organizers from different schools of thought, issue campaigns, and walks of life get together to share their unique perspective on organizing.   All of this is done, of course, while enjoying a glass of wine, some homemade lasagna, and making new friends.

I participated in this in the Fall as part of the DC group of dining organizers and I'm now a regional organizer for DC.   One of the things I loved about dining organizers was that it connected those who worked on national and local issues to connect & discuss organizing theory.   I wish there were more Dining Organizers based in DC working on local issues that can speak to it.   We're looking for people to get involved as a host or a participant. . .

More about the idea is here.   To participate in DC, email
Olivia Chow.

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