Friday, April 2, 2010

Proposed FY 2011 budget (kinda) online

Finally, late on April 1, the Office of Budget and Planning posted the mayor's proposed FY 2011 budget.   You can access the budget two ways:

Not all agency budgets are available even though there are hyperlinks for them.   And the appendices are not available yet across all budget titles.   Other parts of the budget - including Operating Expenditures, Strategic Budgeting, and the Budget Request Act - are online.   Not much consolation when the meat is nowhere to be found.

What is online is FY 2010 Mayor’s Proposed Gap-Closing Plan.

Finally, materials from the FY 2011 budget release are on the city's website.   Check out the release here and the budget overview here.

Just in from OBP (8:13 am):   Link problems have been communicated to OCTO and presumably OCTO will be on the case ASAP.

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