Monday, April 12, 2010

Please take a few minutes to help a college student with his research

There is no question that neighborhoods are important to each of us.   Good relationships with neighbors is a blessing and connectedness is important in good times and bad.   A born and bred DC native is seeking input from DC residents about neighbors and online connectivity.   Please take a few minutes to help him with his research.

Via the Glover Park Yahoo Group:

My name is Peter Davis -- I am a government and sociology student at Harvard College. I am doing a study on neighborhood email lists and neighborhood blogs-- how neighbors use them, how they affect neighborhood connectivity and what factors affect the success of them.

I have a ten-minute survey about how your neighborhood uses its neighborhood listserv/blog.   Would you mind sending it onto your neighborhood's list and asking your neighbors take a few minutes to fill it out?

Here's the link to the survey: click here.

We will share the conclusions of the study with you and your neighbors when this data collection phase is complete.

Thank you so much for your time.   I greatly appreciate it.


Peter Davis

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