Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More on the Bennett investigation - CMs weigh in

If you missed Loose Lips Daily today, no fear, check it out here.   It is chock-full of links to Bennett report stories.   Also available is some other information including City Council Chair Vincent Gray's opening statement on the presentation of findings by Special Counsel Robert Bennett and this statement from Ward 3 CM Mary Cheh:
I was deeply saddened and disturbed by the findings and conclusions in the Bennett report.   Nevertheless, it was vital to the integrity of the Council that all of what happened be fully disclosed to the public.   Nothing has been hidden.   Nothing held back.   So, now we must implement the recommendations in Mr. Bennett’s report and move forward with reforms already started by the Council.   Additionally, it is important that the Council condemn the transgressions of Councilmember Barry and act on Mr. Bennett’s recommendation to refer this matter to the United States Attorney’s office and the Board of Elections and Ethics.

Ward 5 CM Harry Thomas, Jr. issued a press release thanking the Special Counsel and Deputy Special Counsel for their work and supporting the findings.   For a copy of the release, email Victoria Leonard, vleonard (at) dccouncil (dot) us; as of this writing, the release is not on the CM's website.

Ward 2 CM Jack Evans, according to WTOP, said

he believes the Council should hold an open vote and should create a process to examine possible sanctions against Barry, which could include removing his committee chairmanship.
"There's no regulation, so the Council would have to invent this for Councilmember Marion Barry. In this particular case, I think the Council should do that and will do that," says Evans, who is the longest continuously serving councilmember.

WTOP also reports that Ward 1 CM Jim Graham "says he was surprised that Barry questioned the report at a D.C. Council meeting Tuesday."

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