Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally!   A new edition of Indices!

On February 19, the Office of Planning released the latest edition of INDICES - A Statistical Index of District of Columbia Government Services.   For those who like and use data, this is the mother lode.

Published every two years, INDICES provides a wide range of data about all DC government services delivered.   According to the announcement, in part:

INDICES is developed to satisfy seven basic information needs, which are: to provide statistical summaries of services delivered by agencies; to provide a comprehensive overview of government activities; to provide information that is accessible to the reader in format and content; to provide information to facilitate the identification of trends; to provide a holistic picture of a service where there may be a number of different providers. . .

Sure, the data book is not perfect.   It includes data collected between 2005 and 2008 so there is nothing recent about it.   But it is all in one place and there is always something you have not seen before.

In the 2009 edition:

  • Chapter 1:   Washington, the Government and the People
  • Chapter 2:   District-wide Planning
  • Chapter 3:   Government Finances and Human Resources
  • Chapter 4:   Economic Development
  • Chapter 5:   Real Estate Services and Housing Trends
  • Chapter 6:   Human Services
  • Chapter 7:   Community Services
  • Chapter 8:   Education and Neighborhood Amenities
  • Chapter 9:   Transportation and Environmental Services

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