Sunday, February 14, 2010

City Council items

Announcements from the Council of the District of Columbia:
  • Ward 5 CM Thomas has organized a rally on February 15 to save the Edgewood Safeway.   Details here.
  • At-large CM Kwame Brown’s new committee staffer:   CM Brown recently announced the appointment of Jennifer Budoff as Committee Director, Committee on Economic Development.   Details about Ms. Budoff’s background are online here.   Getting in touch with Ms. Budoff:   (202) 724-8116, jbudoff (at) dccouncil (dot) us.
  • Contact information for Committee on Economic Development staff:
    • Jennifer Budoff, Committee Director, ph ((202) 724-8116), email (jbudoff (at) dccouncil (dot) us)
    • Mitria Wilson, Legislative Counsel, ph ((202) 724-8078), email (twilson (at) dccouncil (dot) us)
    • Antonio Brentini, Administrative Clerk and Legislative Assistant, ph ((202) 727-6683), email (sbrentini (at) dccouncil (dot) us)

  • Committee on Economic Development Open House, March 3:   CM Kwame Brown is hosting this event to introduce the new Committee on Economic Development committee director Jennifer Budoff and committee staff to the public.   The event starts at 3:00 pm.   Details online.

  • Ward 3 CM Cheh encourages residents to sign petition for high-speed broadband:   CM Cheh recently told fellow residents about a pilot by Google, Inc. to build fiber-optic ultra-high speed broadband infrastructure in one or more communities in the United States.   The proposed fiber-optic network proposed by Google would allow consumers to access data at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, which is over 100 times faster than the connections that many use today.

    Until March 26, government officials and the public can submit feedback to Google regarding the deployment of the pilot.   It is CM Cheh’s understanding that public feedback will be crucial in Google's decision.   Residents and organizations may inform Google directly by clicking on the "Get Involved" button and then clicking on the "Nominate Your Community" button.   CM Cheh as also started an online petition and she encourages people to sign that as an additional way to support the District’s nomination.

    CM Cheh, as chair of the Committee on Government Operations and the Environment, which oversees the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), is interested in DC being chosen as a pilot site.   CM Cheh reports that the Chief Technology Officer is interested in exploring this possibility and recognizes that this is a unique opportunity for the District to be on the cutting-edge of broadband internet access.

  • Ward 5 CM Thomas was interviewed on Comcast's Local Edition on January 21.   The interview is here.

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