Sunday, January 31, 2010

Capitol Hill residents petition for solutions to crime

As of 3:35 pm on Sunday, January 31, 392 folks (individuals, couples, and families) have signed on in support of a new Capitol Hill petition to Mayor Fenty to take action to fight crime on Capitol Hill.   The petition, in part, reads:
We ask Mayor Fenty to help make our neighborhood a safer place by increasing funding and/or manpower to the appropriate law enforcement agencies/individuals.

Then the petition says this:

We demand implementation of alternative approaches that will actually target the problem, rather than the symptom and thus truly make a sustainable difference in the safety and lives of Hill residents.

Good to see some local collective action to address what is surely a problem.   Also good to see that residents are interested are interested in targeting the problem (Susie's interpretation:   poverty, undereducation, un- and under-employment) rather than the symptom.

It will be interesting to see how Mayor Fenty responds.   It will also be interesting to hear what CM Alexander and MPD chief Lanier have to say at the February 3 public safety meeting (more information here).   Finally, will be interesting to know what alternatives are employed, whether data will be collected about their effectiveness, and whether the community feels safer as a result.

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