Sunday, December 20, 2009

Transparency in the DCPS FY 2011 budget process

If you are interested in DCPS and their budget, you have got to check out their FY 2011 budget Web page.   You will find:
  • Announcements
  • Introduction
  • Improvements for FY11
  • FY11 School Budget Process Kick-Off Meeting
  • November 23 Budget Hearing
  • Proposed FY11 Budget Process
  • Comprehensive Staffing Model
  • Engaging the Community

There are a number of positive aspects to budget development for FY 2011.   The first is this:   "The process for the FY11 budget cycle has been retooled in order to allow for maximum input from members of individual school communities."   The second is the amount of information available to stakeholders.   For example, DCPS leadership is sharing timelines, processes at meetings and on the Web.

Finally, here is the DCPS FY 2011 budget sked:

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