Wednesday, December 23, 2009

School satisfaction survey results released

DCPS has posted the results of the SY 2008-2009 stakeholder survey and highlights the citywide finding that after three years of the latest school reform efforts, "83 percent of parents, 72 percent of students and 74 percent of faculty and staff agree that their school is on the right track."   The publicly available results are more than just the citywide ones.   Thankfully, DCPS reports the results in a variety of ways:
  • District results
  • Elementary School Results Summary
  • Secondary School Results Summary
  • Individual school summaries

The latest results compare two year's of survey data, SYs 2007-2008 and 2008-2009.   Nearly 20,000 students, parents, faculty, and staff completed the stakeholder survey.   These individuals have weighed in on a number of topics, including satisfaction levels, facilities and academics.   The two purposes of the surveys are to identify areas of improvement and to use as an accountability and progress measure.

The survey results can be useful for others as well.   For example, this blog post considers school safety in Ward 1.   SWOTDC compared the citywide school safety results to those of schools located in Ward 1.   Beyond this, the survey results can help frame public policy and practice solutions now and in the future.

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