Thursday, December 17, 2009

MPD promotions

Some of this information -- like the transfer of 3D's George Kucik to Forensic Science Division and Dan Hickson's promotion to CID -- has been public for a week or so.   The changes are effective December 20:
  • Rodney Parks, promoted to Assistant Chief of Police, Professional Development Bureau
  • Daniel Hickson, promoted to Commander, Criminal Investigations Division (CID)
  • Jacob Kishter, promoted to Commander, 3rd District
  • Kimberly Chisley Missouri, promoted to Commander, 4th District
  • Ralph Ennis, promoted to Inspector, Office of the Chief of Police (COP)
  • Angel Medina, promoted to Inspector, 3rd District substation
  • Lewis Douglas, promoted to Captain, 5th District
  • Keith Deville, promoted to Captain, 6th District
  • Byron B. Hope, promoted to Captain, 7th District
  • Michael J. Williams, promoted to Captain, 1st District
  • Alisa Petty, promoted to Captain, 4th District
  • Nicholas Breul, promoted to Lieutenant, Communications

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