Monday, November 30, 2009

Proactive apartment inspections roundtable, 12/16

Public roundtable, “Implementation of the Proactive Inspections Program by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs”:   This December 16, 10:00 am roundtable is being held by the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs (CM Bowser, Ward 4, chair).   The purpose is to hear from the public about DCRA’s implementation of the proactive inspections program.

What is the proactive inspections program?   It is an inspection program for all 4,000 multi-unit rental properties in the District of Columbia.   All units will be inspected regardless of whether complaints have been lodged by tenants.

DCRA has additional information on their Web site.   This information includes consent forms for tenants in the event they are not present at the inspection.   The forms are available in English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Amharic.   Also online is the inspection schedule for the current month and a searchable database of past inspections.

Details about how to testify are in the hearing notice.

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