Sunday, November 22, 2009

Final rules in November 20 DCR

Some of the final rules published in the November 20, 2009 DC Register:
  • Authorizing some dental hygienists to administer local anesthetic:   This final rule from the Department of Health will allow dental hygienists who have been administering local anesthetic and nitrous oxide to continue to do so by applying for authorization.   These rules adopt a grandfather provision which allows those hygienists who have been administering local anesthesia or nitrous oxide during the past 2 years to continue doing so.   The rules are final upon publication.
  • Final rules regarding public parking at the MLK library:   The final rules note that no public comments were received.
  • Final rulemaking to add a new title to the DCMR on compulsory ed and school attendance:   The Office of the State Superintendent of Education-issued final rules reflect moderate revisions to clarify the proposed language while maintaining consistency with the intent of the proposed rules.   According to the rules,
    The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) recognizes the necessity for a transition period to enable a deliberative implementation of this rule and expects schools to address these requirements as expeditiously as possible to assure full compliance no later than the beginning of the school year 2010.

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