Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fab new tool for searching DCMR and DCR!!

Hold on lawyers, advocates, and policy wonks:   the DCMR has been recodified, digitized, and all promulgated rules incorporated since each title's most recent publication date.   Half of the 31 titles had not been updated within the last 10 years, but all are now current.   And, you can search the DC Register and browse prior editions easily too.

Seriously folks, the Web site and changes rock!   Features of the new site, http://www.dcregs.org/ include:   email notifications of updates, a list of ways to participate in the rulemaking process, a search capability, and a tally of recent rulemaking activity by type.   More information is available online.

The Office of Documents and Administrative Issuances (ODAI) is responsible for this terrific new tool.