Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Even more from Jacks-Fogle hearing

Three more items from the October 8 Jacks-Fogle legislation public hearing:
  • Summary of the hearing from the Committee on Health:   On Thursday, the Committee on Health held its joint committee meeting with Councilmember Tommy Wells’s Committee on Human Services on B18-356, the Jacks-Fogle Family Preservation Case Coordination Authorization Act of 2009.   The Committees heard from a variety of community advocates that expressed support for better coordination among District agencies but are also concerned about privacy issues that may emerge as a result of this coordination.   Witnesses also included representatives from national organizations and other states that have begun implementation of similar legislation, as well as Clarence Carter, Director of the Department of Human Services.   As stated during the hearing, Councilmember Catania is committed to the intent behind the bill but recognizes that there are significant issues that must still be addressed before moving the legislation through the Committee process.   The Committee on Health looks forward to working collaboratively with the Executive and members of the community to determine how best to develop a coordinated response to individuals and families in crisis.
  • Witness list
  • Testimony from the American Public Human Services Association (Part I and Part II)