Friday, October 30, 2009

Council Chair set tone for DCPS RIF hearing

City Council Chair Vincent C. Gray had a whole lot to say to government officials at the council's October 29 public hearing on the DCPS RIFs.   Mr. Gray's opening statement set the tone for much of the day.

Chairman Gray characterized the explanations from the executive branch about the budget gap as multiple, inconsistent and misleading.   Mr. Gray's frustration came through loud and clear:

Frankly, I would prefer to be here today engaging in an open, inclusive dialogue around how we as a city can come together to support our city’s children through increasing early childhood educational opportunities or providing teachers and local schools the support they need to succeed.
Instead, this committee has been forced to conduct oversight on a budget gap that remains a puzzle; investigate why teachers were escorted out of schools by security, why LSRTs (local school restructuring team) were shut out of their local school decision-making process, and why our students have had to witness resulting chaos.

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