Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About Patrick Swayze, the life he lived, and his fight

Like the gazillion others who have watched the YouTube clips of Patrick Swayze and left messages on FB, blogs and other sites, I am saddened by his death.

But I am more taken with his fight against pancreatic cancer, about how he lived his life with this terrible disease.   The threat of pancreatic cancer touched my family not that long ago and it scared me to that bad place and back.   Pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease.   Thank goodness my family member ended up not having it.

I did not know Swayze; I'm sure he had downs to the many ups shown in interviews after his diagnosis.   I am impressed with his spirit, and more, bolstered with hope that there is a life to be lived despite the many bad and annoying things that happen to us.   I hope my life fully lived will have helped those I have sought to help.

Rest In Peace, Patrick Swayze.