Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make recommendations for improved health outcomes

The Department of Health’s Community Health Administration (CHA) is seeking public comment on the city’s Preventive Health Services Block Grant (PHSBG) plan.   DOH is required by the federal government to hold an annual public hearing on city’s use of the federal funds and the 2009 hearing is being held on September 2 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm at DOH (825 North Capitol St NE, Room 4131).

Traditionally, the Department of Health has used this block grant funding to support government- and community-based programs focused on chronic diseases, primary care and access to health care.

According to the CDC, the funding is flexible so as to allow jurisdictions to design prevention and health promotion programs that will meet the needs of their residents.   This includes using the block grant to leverage other funds and resources to yield a greater impact.   That said, funded work must be aligned with the Healthy People 2010 national health goals.

Those interested in sharing their ideas about problems and solutions should register to testify by contacting Valerie Brown (202-442-9386 or valerie2 [DOT] brown [AT] dc [DOT] gov) by September 1 before 4:45 pm.