Sunday, August 2, 2009

City Council's final FY 2010 decisions

Council Chair Vincent C. Gray explains decisions made by the City Council as part of the latest round of FY 2010 budget balancing actions by the District's elected officials in his July 31 in a press release.   The chairman also praised his colleagues for making tough decisions.

At-large CM Michael Brown’s press release on the budget vote highlighted the projects he supported, including undoing some of Mayor Fenty’s proposed TANF changes and adding back money to the child welfare system’s grandparent subsidy program.

Of course, there remains the issue about why this intensity to understand the budget, force efficiencies and thoroughly understand the details of programs and operations was not the case during the earlier process.   No question that the goals were different in the first process.   Nonetheless, it appears that members and their staffs got into the details since July 17 when Mayor Fenty presented his revised FY 2010 budget.   Will this intensity be the new norm?