Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Council Chair Gray puts everything on the table to balance FY 2010

Out of the gate, Council Chair Vincent C. Gray took issue with the revised budget proposal put forth by Mayor Fenty on July 17.   Part of what the chair said at the July 20, 2009 briefing on the revised budget is that he is proposing a different approach that "responsibly addresses the problem now."   The bottom line?   "For me," Gray said, "everything is on the table."   Read the full opening statement here.

Susie's commentary:   Does this mean that the 60% across the board cuts of earmarks are tossed in favor or a more responsible approach that funds essential services, legal and legislated obligations, and work done for the government before anything else gets funded?   If, as Council Chair Gray suggests this is a time to place everything on the table, it also means that nothing is sacred.   This new and different approach hopefully signals that competitive grants replace earmarks resulting in greater accountability and maybe even better performance.   Time will tell.