Saturday, May 30, 2009

More on nonprofits and political campaigns

Fellow advocate and blogger Kathryn Baer (of Poverty & Policy fame) adds some other great ideas to my earlier post Election 2010 underway:
  • Ask questions.   Raising questions about what candidates think and what they would do can put issues on their radar screens and let them know that there are constituents (or potential constituents) who are interested.   It can also help get beyond the fog of the general statements local candidates tend to issue.   "I'll improve our public schools, etc."
  • Pull together the answers and/or positions the candidates have taken.   An issue-by-issue crosswalk is useful and something that can be shared.
  • Encourage active grassroots involvement.   While nonprofits can't engage in partisan campaigns, their supporters and clients certainly can.   And, as many readers know, active involvement in campaigns opens doors later.
  • Encourage everyone—supporters, clients and staff—to vote.   A government relations team I've worked for has mantra that's applicable here:   More legislative battles are won on election day than during an entire legislative session.

Got any more ideas to share?   Email them to me and I'll add them to the running list.

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