Friday, May 15, 2009

A lesson from the DC Campaign. . .

In their most recent edition of "Spreading the Word", the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy thanks the Department of Parks and Recreation for opening rec centers on Sunday.
DC Campaign has long advocated that recreation centers stay open longer hours and be open on the weekends.

Why? Because one of the protective factors that helps prevent teen pregnancy is providing safe places for teens to spend time with their friends with structured and engaging activities and adult supervision.

DC Campaign is delighted that recreation centers are now open on Sundays for teens and the community and look forward to working with the Department of Parks and Recreation to make teen pregnancy a thing of the past!

The public "thank you" is appropriate and strategic.   Rather than always asking for something, the Campaign acknowledges DPR has done something good for young people.

Susie's commentary:   When was the last time you thanked an elected or appointed official for something?

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