Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dr. Gerald confirmation imminent

CM Tommy Wells (Ward 6), chair of the Committee on Human Services, has recommended committee approval of the confirmation resolution of Roque Gerald to direct the Child and Family Services Agency according to the May 27 committee report.

The report summarizes the testimony of the 13 public witnesses; the majority of them supported the appointment.   Also summarized is the testimony of the appointee; his testimony is here.   Questions from committee members concerned meeting the LaShawn benchmarks; Council input into outcome goals for CFSA; placement stability and disruptions; prevention; performance-based contracting; and the vision for the agency, particularly about how it will be functioning in three years.   CM Wells concluded his questions by reminding Dr. Gerald that the committee will hold an oversight hearing in January 2010 on the FY 2010 BSA provisions.

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