Monday, May 4, 2009

DC budget reconciliation

At today's council press briefing in advance of the 8th legislative session, Council Chair Vincent Gray told Dorothy Brizill (and others at the briefing) that the council will take the next week to finalize the budget (the first and only vote on the budget request act is May 12; the BSA requires two votes, the first of which will be on May 12) and that as of this morning, a meeting with the mayor to reconcile the budget has not been scheduled.   Mr. Gray does expect the executive branch to weigh in, though.

"Why is this important?" you might ask.   Well for one, the human services committee's decision to unfund the build-out of the Youth Transition Center for CFSA will negatively affect the whole project.   Certain component costs of the Center were to be shared by the initial three government agencies in the Center, DOES, DYRS and CFSA.   We can expect some changes in the project's plans as a result.

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