Thursday, April 30, 2009

Continued funding for gang/crew intervention

Ward 1 CM Jim Graham once again came through for gang/crew intervention funding in FY 2010.   According to the draft committee report, $1.25 million will go to the Columbia Heights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative, the fiduciary agent and member of the CCCYVP* Executive Committee.   The funds are actually fines generated from the Committee’s FY2010 enhanced parking control initiative (described in the draft committee report).   However, as is the case in FY 2009, not all the funds go to gang/crew work; rather, some is directed, earmarked, to specific organizations.   The allocations are:
  • $250,000 to the Georgia Avenue/Rock Creek East FSC
  • $50,000 to the Columbia Heights Youth Club for youth programs provided at the DPR Columbia Heights Youth Center
  • $75,000 to MentoringWorks2 for mentoring and career training programs at the DPR Parkview Recreation Center
  • $70,000 to Keely’s Boxing and Youth Center for for recreation and mentoring provided at the DPW facility located at the former Meyer Elementary School
  • $50,000 to In-Da-Streets for youth leadership development programs provided at Hubbard Place located at 3500 14th St NW.   (pages 39-40).
The remaining $600,000 goes to the gang work.   Grant allocations will be decided by the CCCYVP leadership, CCCYVP Advisory Board and Trust Corporation.

*Citywide Coordinating Council on Youth Violence Prevention.