Friday, April 24, 2009

Are you ready for budget mark ups?

As you know, Council committees mark up the mayor's proposed FY 2010 proposed budget next week.   Once again this year, the draft committee reports should be available so the public can follow along with the Council.   Here is the schedule:
    April 28
    9: COW
    1: Committee on Finance and Revenue
    3: Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary

    April 29
    10: Committee on Health
    12: Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs
    2: Committee on Economic Development
    4: Committee on Public Works and Transportation

    April 30
    10: Committee on Human Services
    12: Committee on Government Operation & The Environment
    2: Committee on Aging and Community Affairs
    4: Committee on Libraries, Parks and Recreation
    6: Committee on Housing and Workforce Development