Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rates to increase for some mental health services for kids

The Department of Health Care Finance has issued emergency and proposed rules regarding changes to reimbursement rates for Mental Health Rehabilitative Services (MHRS).   According to the notice, "The purpose of these proposed rules is to set forth the appropriate billing code for the MHRS services and increases in reimbursement rates for certain MHRS services: medication/somatic treatment, counseling, community-based intervention (CBI) and assertive community treatment (ACT)."  A notice of emergency and proposed rulemaking was published in the DC Register on October 17, 2008 (55 DCR 010983).   Comments were received and currently under review by DMH. This rulemaking amends the previously published rules by revising the procedure codes for diagnostic/assessment service and community support service.   Issuance of these rules on an emergency basis is necessary to increase the number of qualified providers participating in the MHRS program, especially qualified providers of services to children, youth and their families.   Emergency action is necessary for the immediate preservation of the health, welfare and safety of children, youth and adults with mental illness in need of mental health services."   Comments are due by March 13.