Saturday, January 24, 2009

Get ready for the DC budget considerations!

The City Council will vote on the FY 2008 audit/FY 2009 oversight hearing schedule and the FY 2010 budget hearing schedule at the Tuesday, January 27 Committee of the Whole meeting. The COW will meet at 10:00 am in the Council Chambers (5th floor) in the Wilson Building.   Check back here for the approved skeds, including a list of child- and youth-related hearings.

These hearing schedules are important:   They kick off the most important debates the District (government and community) will have this year.   It is expected that both the audit/oversight and the budget hearings will be hard, painful and full of angst for all. Why? The Fenty Administration is trimming more than $450 million from the Local funds target of $5,816,110,000. This figure is based on the CFO's December 2008 revenue estimate (See the CFO Web site.) and is in anticipation of future rev estimates.

And now the shameless plug:   Contact me about working with your organization this budget season to up the effectiveness of your advocacy. I have relationships, skills and a solid track record of success developed over the past 12 years in DC.