Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 27 and 28 in Wards 7 and 8

Take a look at the entire Wards 7 and 8 Community Calendar; see what's up and learn how to submit events.

"The Internet and You": New resource for teachers, others to use with kids

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University recently released The Internet and You, a set of new educational resources for children in grades 1-3 (release and links).

This is a free resource for teachers and others who work with children, such as those in OST programs.

According to the release,

"Young learners today are surrounded by digital technologies, but often they haven't had the guidance in basic best practices that can help keep their online experiences positive," said Berkman Klein Fellow and "The Internet and You" author Leah Plunkett. "Our new materials aim to support educators with the right tools to empower students to better navigate the digital space."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Update your media list: Koslof to join WUSA as reporter

From DCRTV August 22:
Evan Koslof Joins 9 - 8/22 - Evan Koslof has been hired as a reporter for Channel 9/WUSA. He comes from a like gig at Channel 16/WBOC in Salisbury. Koslof starts at WUSA in September.....

And from Koslof's Facebook page (Evan Koslof Reporting):

Many of you have probably heard already, but I figured I'd formally announce it to everyone! I'm incredibly honored and excited to announce that I've been hired as a reporter at WUSA 9, the CBS affiliate in DC. To my friends and viewers of Delmarva - this is of course bittersweet. I'm ecstatic to head "home" to my dream city and my dream job, but I'll always love my time on the peninsula and in the first state. And to WBOC TV 16 Delmarva's News Leader, I have nothing but positive things to say. This station is a model for ethical journalism, and I owe all my future success to what I learned there. I will finish up at WBOC on Sept. 2, and I'll be off to WUSA the following week! Can't wait to get started! #DCBound #tvnews #Journalism #WashingtonDC

Finally, follow Koslof on Twitter: @ekoslof.

Better, broader communications to engage residents in Ward 7 and Ward 8

A year or two ago, several Ward 7 residents came together to do something about the generally poor communications among residents and with those outside this part of DC.   The result was Ward 7 Communication Channels.   This online spreadsheet started out as and continues to be crowdsourced (hint: use it and add changes as needed).   It contains: Where neighborhoods are online; SMDs; ANC online discussion lists and websites; community electronic newsletters; physical distribution locations; houses of worship; and free and affordable space.

When Ward 7 Communication Channels was being developed, the Ward 7 residents and East Bank DC got together to create an online calendar of events taking place in Wards 7 and 8.   The calendar, Wards 7 and 8 Community Calendar, contains on-going events (think Honfleur Gallery and Anacostia Museum), events taking place over several months (think Friday Night Fishing and farmer's markets), and one-time events (think #Readsistance: 2nd Annual Read and Feed and the East of the River Book Festival).

Every day, organizations and individuals contribute content to the calendar.   But more events are taking place than are on the calendar.   It's easy and free to contribute; how-to details are on the calendar page.

Publishing on the calendar is not enough.   @Ward7Outreach and @Ward8Outreach tweet the calendar events every day.   In addition, I post the weekly highlights and weekend events on Facebook on the The Greater Ward 7 and The Great Ward 8.

Last but not least: I have just launched Ward 8 Communication Channels; it has the same tabs as the Ward 7 version but all empty save for the houses of worship (needs much work).   Do you have information to share to make communicating with all residents of Ward 8 happen?   Please add!

Monday, August 22, 2016

TA: Effective event engagement

Does your organization have events?   Want to up your marketing game?

Check out Buffer's Event Marketing 101: How to Keep Attendees Engaged Before, During and After Your Event.   Buffer demonstrates that social media activity before the event is a must-do.   Some ways to engage in advance are promoting attendance, event reminders, schedule announcements, buzz from ticket buyers, and encouraging those who cannot attend to push those who are to share pics and info on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

There is a lot to learn from Buffer.   For example, I learned to share behind-the-scenes pics well before the event begins, treat followers to a sneak peek back stage during the event, and use questions and polls to engage and interact with the audience during and after.

Friday, August 19, 2016

RainPay: innovation protects the Anacostia River

Stormwater―rain the rain that runs off of pavement, roofs, and sidewalks—can do considerable damage to the Anacostia River and its tributaries.   Stormwater causes erosion and perhaps worse, washes all manner of pollutants into the river.

The Anacostia Waterfront Trust has developed a solution: RainPay.

According to the blog post RainPay: beautify your property, make money and protect the Anacostia River:
RainPay program helps to mitigate the problems caused by stormwater by working with property owners to install high quality green infrastructure projects (also known as rain gardens) in the areas of Anacostia watershed where they have the most impact.

The Anacostia Waterfront Trust is currently seeking property owners (nonprofits, houses of prayer, and small businesses) to participate. Qualifying property owners can receive a beautiful rain garden for their property at no cost. Additionally, participants receive payments for hosting the rain garden on their land and are able to benefit from a reduction in their monthly stormwater fees assessed by DC Water. Participants also get the satisfaction of knowing that RainPay maximizes social, environmental, and job benefits.

Read the entire blog post for more information about this innovative program.   In the meantime, take a look at the image below to learn how the Progressive National Baptist Convention is mitigating stormwater via RainPay.

September 13: Reducing Poverty and Increasing Opportunity: Envisioning the Next 20 Years

Urban Institute and National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics will host Reducing Poverty and Increasing Opportunity: Envisioning the Next 20 Years Tuesday, September 13, Noon - 1:30 pm at Urban Institute.   The event will feature panelists with various backgrounds and expertise who will share their views and the evidence on successful strategies for reducing poverty and increasing opportunity.

Learn more and register.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Update your media list: Alicia Montgomery joins WAMU

From DCRTV August 18:
Alicia Montgomery Joins WAMU - 8/18 - American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5, selects Alicia Montgomery as its new editorial director. She joins WAMU from her role as supervising senior producer of "Code Switch," NPR's cross-platform reporting initiative focused on race, ethnicity, and culture. Montgomery led the development of the team’s successful podcast, which launched in June of this year. Previously, she was one of the production leaders of 'Tell Me More," where she edited Michel Martin's Murrow essay series, "Can I Just Tell You." Prior to joining NPR, Montgomery spent two years reporting for A University Of Maryland University grad, she grew up in Columbia, Maryland.....