About/contact Susie

Susie has more than 15 years of experience in DC children's policy and budget issues.   In her work at DC Action for Children (1997 – 2008), Susie helped create a robust budget analysis and advocacy operation by establishing and maintaining relationships with elected and appointed officials, and engaging the community in the work of protecting and nurturing children and youth across the District.   Moreover, Susie created public education materials, trained others on effective budget and policy practices, and was (and remains) a respected advocate and analyst.

Susie's successes run the gamut across issues impacting children, youth and families.   Examples include including successfully lobbying for and helping implement the District's children's budget and lobbying for the requirement to create a citywide child abuse and neglect prevention plan.   Other examples are convening a large group to support a tobacco settlement plan that addressed the causes and results of tobacco use, and generally calling attention to the need to invest in children and youth.

Susie received her Master of Social Work from the School of Social Work at Howard University. Her focus was on the macro track in the area of children and families.   This work followed receipt of a BA from Hollins University (then Hollins College) and a high school diploma from the rigorous academic program provided by the Loomis Chaffee School.

Susie has been recognized from a number of local organizations, including the Consortium for Child Welfare and the National Kidney Foundation of the National Capital Area.

Since late 2009, Susie has consulted with a number of DC-based nonprofits on budget and policy projects and authored the blog Susie's Budget and Policy Corner.   Susie is available to work with new clients in the following areas:

  • Budget analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Lobbying/advocacy
  • Developing advocacy strategies
  • Teaching advocacy tools and skills
  • Connecting and relationship-building assistance
  • Blogging
  • Developing web site content
  • Writing of all kinds
  • Planning meetings, forums, and other events

If you are interested in talking about how my skills will help your organizations achieve its goals.    Call me at (301) 832-2339 or email me.

I am also available to nonprofits and others on retainer.   This is an affordable way to take advantage of my knowledge and connections and is the perfect solution to get questions answered and for assistance on those unanticipated projects.    More information about putting me on retainer is available by calling me at (301) 832-2339 or emailing me.

Updated February 1, 2015