Monday, October 20, 2014

Mayor Gray's bi-weekly presser, Oct. 21

On Tuesday, October 21 at 11:30 am, Mayor Gray and DDOT director Matthew Brown will release the final moveDC Transportation Plan outlining policies, programs and capital investments aimed to enhance the District's transportation network.   The event takes place at Earth Conservation Corps Pump House (1520 First St SE).   From the advisory:
BACKGROUND: The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will release the final moveDC Transportation Plan, the culmination of an 18-month process that has involved thousands of residents from the District and the Washington metropolitan region. The moveDC Plan is a comprehensive, multimodal transportation strategy that outlines policies, programs and capital investments to enhance the District’s transportation network, and includes detailed "elements" or "master plans" for each mode of travel in the District.

This announcement is part of the mayor's regular bi-weekly press briefing.

Keeping Her Safe | Violence Against Women Symposium Nov. 3

The Keeping Her Safe | Violence Against Women Symposium takes place Monday, November 3 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Campbell AME Church (2568 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave SE).

From the invitation and reservation site:

Violence against women has become an epidemic in this country. Reality shows are glamorizing it as an acceptable form of behavior. Moreover, it shows little girls that this is the kind of socialization that is expected of them. Violence is also being perpetuated through social media for the whole world to see. In light of the incident with the football player and his wife on the elevator, we wanted to unveil the silence.

GOTV October 20

Friday, October 17, 2014

Grant budget modifications now online for FY 2015 forward

The Office of Budget and Planning is now providing the status of Grant Budget Modification and Establishment requests.   The status, updated every day at night, is on   This new tool will report budget mod requests starting with FY 2015.

To find the requests, click on the "Grant Requests" tab at the top of the page (see illustration below).

OBP reports that this online tool is the first phase of making such information easily available.

TA: Understanding the lingo

LightBox Collaborative: Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps on October 15 discussed earned, paid, and owned media (well, the link did).   Not sure what these terms mean?   Wander over to The Roles of Earned Media, Paid Media, and Owned Media for an explanation.   Lest you think I'm crazy, skip the first section; start with "The Earned Media Lifecycle."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

DOH shares information about Ebola

The Department of Health has posted information about Ebola on the agency website.   Information includes that for community members and clinicians/health care providers.

On October 14, DOH director Joxel Garcia held a media briefing on the city government's actions regarding Ebola.   WaPo's Aaron Davis has this report: D.C. health officials clamp down on patient information to prevent Ebola rumors.

Global Handwashing Day

Well, I missed Global Handwashing Day (it was October 15), but the message is still vitally important:   Wash your hands 1) before eating and 2) after using the toilet.   The Centers for Disease Control and Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap have promotional and educational materials (CDC handwashing page, Global Handwashing Day).   Take a look at the posters, signs, stickers, and planning documents so you can determine the best way to promote handwashing in your home, school, and workplace.

TIP: Wash your hands while singing "Happy Birthday" twice.

Thought you might be interested Thursday

Not all of the tips in 15 simple, secret Windows tips and tricks designed to save you time are new to me, but some are and I'm thrilled.   I thought you might be interested in some of the wild and wonderful―okay, not so much wild―tips and tricks for using Windows 7 and 8.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Updates and news from @vdavez

ICYMI: Cost of raising a child born in 2013

In August 2014, the USDA released the annual report, Expenditures on Children and Families.   The report, on the USA website's project page, finds that parents will spend $245,340 between the child's birth in 2013 and their 18th birthday.   The website features the report, press release, and several infographics.   Also on the site are reports since 2011.

LightBox Collaborative: Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

LightBox Collaborative makes understanding content management easy with Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps.   The post walks readers through the steps in an easy-to-understand way.   The post offers some links to tools and ideas to help out.

(The graphic at the top of the post is from Altimeter Group via LightBox Collaborative.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The city's plan to close the DC General family shelter

On October 14, the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services released the city's plan to close DC General and move families to several smaller shelters (the release is here).   Also posted was the Family Shelter Re-Structuring Plan on the DHS website.

CM Jim Graham, Ward 1 rep and chair of the council's human services committee, held a public roundtable on the plan on October 14.   DCist editor Sarah Ann Hughes Tweeted (@DCistsarah) from the roundtable:

Learning from others: social media for nonprofits

DC Reads opening event Oct. 15